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Raul Dominguez

Wendium of Florida, Inc.

Raul Dominguez brings a wealth of experience and an operator’s insight to the board, along with an irrepressible passion for strengthening the Wendy’s brand. Raul opened his first Wendy’s in 1996 and he now owns six restaurants in the Miami, Florida area. His franchise (Wendium of Florida, Inc.) is a family-run business with his wife, daughter, and son all integrally involved.

Raul is highly respected among franchisees and company operators. Raul and his franchise have earned every major Wendy’s franchise award in recognition of exemplary performance and contributions to the brand. In 2022, Raul was inducted into the Wendy’s Hall of Fame—the highest honor Wendy’s bestows to franchisees and company leaders.

Raul has made many significant contributions to the success of the Wendy’s brand--serving in multiple leadership positions including president of the Miami DMA. He was the first Hispanic person to be elected President of Wendy’s National Advertising Program (WNAP). He was also a key member of Wendy’s “A-Team”, the task force responsible for the success of Wendy’s Breakfast program. Raul chose to serve on the QSCC Board because he is eager to, in his words, “see the other side of the business.” His broad scope of experience and ability to see things differently is a tremendous asset to QSCC.

Raul enjoys spending family time with his wife, Georgina, their two children and three grandchildren.

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