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David Kourie

EVP of Procurement

David Kourie joined QSCC in 2010. His teams are responsible for the acquisition of all food, packaging/paper, and indirect products (such as cleaning supplies and uniforms) and manage programs for equipment (including sourcing of building materials and procurement/distribution of smallwares and equipment), energy (including third-party procurement, monitoring, and utility rebate programs), and contract services (such as CO2, office supplies, spent oil recycling, and waste management).

Broad industry and international experiences have enabled David to develop and implement many notable innovations and he provides expertise in procurement, distribution, operations, purchasing, and sourcing. His foodservice experience includes U.S. Foodservice and Compass Group/Foodbuy, LLC, where he integrated foreign supply chains into operations. David also worked with the Canadian Consulate to develop strategies to introduce Canadian products across the globe.

He also worked at Qualex Inc. (a division of Eastman Kodak Company) and served on the 2002 Olympic Food Service Task Force as a representative of the Compass Group, the first company to single-handedly manage all the food at the Olympics.