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Gail Venrick

Vice President, Non-Protein Foods & Packaging

Gail is dedicated to providing value for QSCC’s members—Wendy’s franchisees. The team she leads is committed to assuring supply, at the most efficient cost; sourcing quality products, while adhering to specifications; and driving innovative purchasing strategies without compromising the Wendy’s brand or quality standards. Gail is constantly focused on building a high-performing team through clear communication, empowerment and employee development. Her ability to build durable relationships with suppliers is a tremendous asset for the co-op.


Before joining QSCC in 2010 as Manager – Other Foods, Gail was a Regional Manager of Operations at Max and Erma’s for several years - later getting promoted to Senior Director of Purchasing. In addition, she served as an Operations Manager for both Confluence Park and Pizzeria Uno restaurants. Because of the experience Gail acquired in Operations prior to moving into Procurement, she holds great respect and admiration for those that work in the field and the challenging environment they work in.


Gail received a B.S. in Business Administration with a Minor in Food Service Management from Miami University. She recently completed a 3-year term as the Product Council Chair on the executive committee of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. Gail and her son enjoy exploring the outdoors. They recently moved to the country and love discovering the birds and animals with whom they share the land.

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