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Greg Dunn

GFWW Management, Inc.

Greg has been a Wendy's franchisee since 1993 and currently owns and operates two Wendy's restaurants with his wife, Michele and their daughter, Kelly, who serves as the franchise's District Manager.

Greg joined QSCC's Board of Directors in 2016 and is currently serving as an elected trustee of the Wendy's National Advertising Program on which he served as President for two terms. Greg was a member of the New York DMA Marketing Steering Committee for fourteen years and is also a former member of Wendy's Franchise Advisory Council.

Prior to joining Wendy's, Greg spent 24 years in the magazine publishing industry, holding positions such as Director of Advertising of Ladies Home Journal and Publisher of US and Redbook. He served as Executive Vice President and President of Family Media Publishing, which published 11 consumer magazines and operated two sports marketing companies.

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