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About Us
About Us

QSCC is the independent purchasing cooperative for the Wendy’s® system. We are the second-largest purchasing cooperative in the quick-service restaurant industry with nearly $4 billion in buying power. We are also part of the Wendy’s® extended family and are dedicated to supporting our members and the Wendy’s system.

Quality continues to be the foundation for success at Wendy’s… and at Quality Supply Chain Co-op, our name says it all. Delivering quality is what we focus on every day. We’ll never cut corners in our efforts to be a best-in-class supply chain co-op.

The quality, performance and innovation of our suppliers have a direct impact on Wendy’s success. To maintain strong supplier relationships, Wend​y’s and its franchisees are members of the Quality Supply Chain Cooperative. This independent cooperative works with leading suppliers to provide Wendy’s restaurants with products and services that offer quality, consistency and value. > Continued 

What we do, stand for, and leadership team
Vision Mission Promise
Our Vision, Mission and Customer Promise

Our Vision is “To be a premier supply chain cooperative, driven by exceptional member service, continuous improvement, dedicated associates and collaborative relationships.”  

Our Mission is “To deliver a continuous supply of products and services that achieves Brand and member expectations, at the best value, guided by ‘Dave’s Way.’”

Quality in everything we do, every day

Service that exceeds expectations

Core values of integrity, transparency and process

Creativity to drive continuous improvement




Part of the Wendy’s Extended Family


QSCC works closely with Wendy’s leadership, departments across the company, and franchisees. We also share the values espoused by the company's Founder, Dave Thomas. Wendy’s and Wendy’s Restaurants of Canada, Inc. establish and enforce product and service specifications as the quality assurance gate keepers for QSCC. Wendy’s and WROC also approve authorized suppliers and distributors.

QSCC oversees the Wendy’s supply chain and manages a wide range of supporting programs to ensure that all Wendy’s restaurants in North America have everything they need delivered right to their door. We work hard to provide Wendy’s restaurants with products and services that offer the best combination of quality, consistency and value – so the restaurants, in turn, can provide the same to you.

Solely Focused on Our Members


QSCC is the second-largest co-op in the food service industry with nearly $4 billion in buying power, enabling us to provide more favorable pricing and improved distribution service levels to our members. We are dedicated to protecting our members’ interests, providing for their needs, and supporting their businesses.

As a cooperative owned and controlled by our members, we have the autonomy and independence to address members’ needs for the benefit of all Wendy’s operators. It is this co-op structure, combined with a clear sense of our mission and purpose, which has enabled QSCC to consistently meet the goals of adding measurable value to our members.

We are governed by a Board of Directors elected by our members, including eight franchisees (seven from the U.S. and one from Canada) and two Wendy’s representatives. Each member has one vote regardless of the number of restaurants they own, unlike companies run by stockholders who can increase the weight of their vote relative to the number of shares they own.  

We are a not-for-profit company. As a result, when the co-op’s earnings exceed our operating expenses, the surplus can be returned to our members in the form of lower costs, fewer fees, more services, and patronage dividends.

QSCC’s combination of operator/member control and cooperative autonomy helps us stay focused on the priorities of the business as determined by the Board of Directors elected by our members.


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