Our Board Members

QSCC’s board members bring a range of professional backgrounds and skillsets to the management of the co-op’s business functions. This mix of diverse skillsets and common frames of reference has given the management team the unique ability to rapidly adapt and deploy best practices and business processes to the benefit of Wendy’s restaurants in the U.S. and Canada.    


Mark was a charter member of QSCC’s Board of Directors in January 2010. Currently, he chairs QSCC’s Distribution Subcommittee and its Equipment Subcommittee. Mark began his career as a Manager Trainee with Wendy’s in 1982 and became a Wendy’s Franchisee in 1991.

Vice Chairman

Greg has been a Wendy's franchisee since 1993 and currently owns and operates two Wendy's restaurants with his wife, Michele and their daughter, Kelly, who serves as the franchise's District Manager.


Gaspar is CEO of GC Wen Management Corporation and has been a Wendy's franchisee for 26 years. He currently operates 22 restaurants in southern New Jersey and southeastern Pennsylvania and has served on the Board of the New York DMA since 1998.

BOD Member

A results-driven hospitality executive, Chance Carlisle, President and Chief Operating Officer, started his career in the kitchen of his father’s Wendy’s restaurant and subsequently moved through the ranks of Carlisle Corporation most recently serving as its President and Chief Operating Officer.

BOD Member

Liliana Esposito holds the position of Chief Communications Officer for The Wendy’s Company (NASDAQ: WEN), a role she assumed when she joined the company in June 2014.

BOD Member

Gunther Plosch (GP) has served as the Wendy's Company Chief Financial Officer since 2016. He leads all financial aspects of Wendy's, from tax and treasury matters to representing the brand as the main point of contact with investors.

BOD Member

John is President of Quick Serve Restaurants and operates 25 Wendy's restaurants in Ontario, Canada. He has served on Wendy's Canadian Advertising Program and the Franchise Advisory Council for nine years and is currently treasurer for the DMA in Ontario.

BOD Member

Eddie Rodriguez is Chairman of JAE Restaurant Group, LLC and owns and operates 218 restaurants in Florida, Tennessee, Texas and New Mexico. He has served as President of the Marketing Co-op in the Miami DMA for the Wendy’s Company and is a former President of the Franchise Advisory Council (FAC).

BOD Member

Jim has been a Wendy's franchisee since 1987 and leads the day-to-day operation and administrative functions for Mountain West Wendy's. He has served on the National Restaurant Association Board and currently serves as the President of two DMAs.

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