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Eddie Rodriguez

JAE Restaurant Group, LLC

Eddie Rodriguez was co-founder of JAE Restaurant Group, LLC which owned and operated 240 Wendy’s restaurants in Florida, Tennessee, Texas, and New Mexico. Currently, Eddie is Chairman of WenCo Restaurant Group, LLC which is family-owned and operates 38 restaurants in Florida. He has served as President of the Marketing Co-op in the Miami DMA for the Wendy’s Company and is a former President of the Franchise Advisory Council (FAC). Eddie is currently an elected trustee of the Wendy's National Advertising Program (WNAP). Eddie joined QSCC's Board of Directors in 2019 and currently serves as co-Chairman.

In both 2006 and 2021, Eddie and his organization were awarded the Wendy award for superior operations and people development. In 2012, he was awarded the Dave Thomas Founders award - the most prestigious and highest award given to franchisees. In 2016, Eddie was inducted into the Wendy's Hall of Fame, an award that recognizes consistent high standards, extraordinary efforts, and significant achievements in support of the Wendy’s system.

Prior to becoming a Wendy's franchisee, Eddie worked in several executive capacities for the Burger King Corporation and Johnson Service Group, PLC.

Eddie grew up in Brooklyn, New York and attended Hunter College, majoring in Economics.

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