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Mike Zak

The WenZak Companies

As a Wendy’s Hall-of-Famer, Mike Zak is a a highly-respected franchise owner. He began as a company employee nearly 40 years ago. After 10 years he bought three struggling restaurants in the Chicago area in 1995. Today he owns 39 restaurants across Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Nebraska.

Mike served as DMA president for Chicago (3-time DMA of the Year), and 10 years as a WNAP (Wendy’s National Advertising Program) trustee--including two years as president. He is a co-founder of the Wendy’s Franchise Association and was the inaugural chairman. Mike also supports the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, serving on the DTFA Board of Trustees.

Mike has won every major award presented by Wendy’s—including the Wendy Award, Founder’s Award, and of course, the Wendy’s Hall of Fame. Mike’s strong marketing background and restaurant operations experience are powerful assets benefiting QSCC’s members, associates, and supplier and distributor partners.

Mike and his wife, Lynn have been married for almost 30 years. They enjoy traveling—mostly to spend time with their four children, and nine grandchildren. Mike acknowledges that his keen sense of discipline as a restaurant operator does not apply when spoiling his grandchildren.

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