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Our Leadership Team

QSCC’s leadership team is composed of highly experienced executives who bring a range of professional backgrounds and skill sets to the management of the co-op’s business functions. This mix of diverse skill sets and common frames of reference has given the management team the unique ability to rapidly adapt and deploy best practices and business processes to the benefit of Wendy’s restaurants in the U.S. and Canada.    

John Inwright

President & CEO

John led the launch of QSCC, the independent purchasing co-op that serves the Wendy’s system, in January 2010. 

Laurie Calpin

EVP, Finance and CFO

David Kourie

EVP of Procurement

Eddie Phillips

SVP of Information Systems

Josh Sell

SVP of Distribution, Logistics, Commodities & Industry Affairs

David Griffin

VP of Equipment, Energy, Contract Services & Building Materials

Krista Pohlman

VP of Program Management

Gail Venrick

VP of Non-Protein Foods & Packaging

Henry Zerby

VP of Protein Procurement and Innovation

Molly Miller

Sr. Director, HR

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