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Supply of Quality Food, Equipment & Services



We purchase the extensive variety of food and packaging that are used to create the great-tasting meals displayed on every Wendy’s® restaurant menuboard. We are responsible for procurement, collaboration and supplier relationships, and commodity risk management.


We also manage supplier relationships, and coordinate the development, planning and implementation of new products and limited-time offers. We aggressively pursue strategies to reduce the impact of commodity price fluctuations and increase pricing stability related to food and fuel. 


Our goal is to provide Wendy’s restaurants with the best combination of quality, consistency and price – so they can provide the same to their customers.


QSCC supports the Wendy's System by negotiating with suppliers in purchasing, distribution & logistics, and services


Distribution & Logistics

We ensure that Wendy’s restaurants consistently receive everything they need, when they need it -- delivered right to their back door.


We manage distribution and logistics to create an uninterrupted supply of food, packaging and other materials to Wendy's restaurants throughout North America.


QSCC also oversees distribution contracts, and coordinates program planning, forecasting, communications, inventory planning, program execution, and product disengagement with Wendy’s restaurants, suppliers and distributors.


Equipment & Services

Just as we do with our food and packaging, QSCC ensures Wendy's restaurants receive the best quality at the lowest negotiated price for...

  • Equipment, smallwares & building materials includes building materials, furnishings, kitchen equipment, signage, etc.

  • Contract and facility services includes cleaning services, CO2 suppliers, waste management, office supplies, fire safety equipment, etc.

  • Energy management includes electricity & natural gas providers, water services, exterior lighting, etc.

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