What We Stand For

QSCC draws its inspiration from Dave Thomas’ “Five Legacy Values” and the “Cooperative Principles” derived from the earliest co-ops formed in England during the 1800s.   We embrace these principles to guide our actions as we work to meet our members’ needs.


Five Legacy Values

These five values shaped Dave Thomas’ life and Wendy’s, the company he founded.

Quality is Our Recipe: Don't Cut Corners 
QSCC provides its members with products and services that offer the optimal balance of quality, consistency and price through its devotion to innovation, execution and continuous process improvement.

Do the Right Thing: Run Your Business With Personal Integrity

QSCC is committed to honesty, integrity, transparency and process as well as making a positive difference by increasing awareness that government policies have on individual businesses and encouraging environmental sustainability in prudent and cost-effective ways.


Just Be Nice: Treat Everyone With Respect
Everyone is equally important in the Wendy’s system. QSCC pursues win-win results in negotiations with its suppliers and distributors, and works with them as true business partners dedicated to their mutual success.

Profit Means Growth: The Key to Success is Hard Work and a Desire to Succeed
QSCC believes meeting the needs of its members will enable them to succeed. The co-op shares its success with its members and team. It believes all supply chain partners should receive equitable benefits from their efforts to support the Wendy’s system.

Give Something Back: The More You Give, the More You Get in Return
QSCC promotes its members' efforts to give back to the communities in which they do business as well as the charitable foundations to which the Wendy’s system is already committed – including the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. 

Cooperative Principles


These principles date back to some of the earliest co-ops that formed in England in the 1800s. To this day, they still form the foundation on which cooperatives around the world operate. QSCC embraces these principles to meet the financial needs and goals of our members - and they guide us in everything we do.

Principle #1: Membership is Open to All
QSCC membership is open to all U.S. Wendy’s restaurant operators.  
Due to Canadian tax laws, Canadian operators cannot become QSCC members and are not eligible for patronage dividends. Canadian operators are represented by one franchisee on the QSCC Board of Directors. The co-op aggregates purchasing for all Wendy’s operators in the U.S. and Canada to provide the highest quality and lowest prices possible for operators in both countries. 

Principle #2: Members Call the Shots
QSCC is a democratically run organization and is controlled by a Board of Directors that is composed of volunteers from its membership, and each representative is democratically elected or appointed by members under the terms of the Wendy’s Purchasing Cooperative Agreement.

Principle #3: Member Participation Leads to Rates, Fees, and Services that Benefit the Entire Body of Operators
QSCC leverages the combined purchasing power of the entire North American Wendy’s system in our negotiations to reduce cost, pursue quality, and ensure continuous supply for all Wendy’s operators.

Principle #4: Autonomy and Independence Set us Apart
Though QSCC collaborates with the Wendy’s brand, it is an autonomous and independent business entity that is controlled by its members, not by the franchisor or outside shareholders. If QSCC seeks to enter into agreements with other organizations, it must do so in ways that ensure cooperative autonomy and continued control by its members.

Principle #5: Supply Chain Education Should be Free and Available to All
QSCC provides education about supply chain matters and practices to members, elected representatives, management and associates so all can prosper and contribute to the growth and well-being of both Wendy’s operators and the cooperative. 

Principle #6: Giving Back to the Community is an Obligation
In keeping with the Legacy Values of Wendy’s Founder Dave Thomas, QSCC believes it is a priority to give back to the communities in which it does business.