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QSCC 2019 Award Winners

The Golden Link Award

The Golden Link Award for Supply Chain Excellence is QSCC’s highest honor for its supplier and distributor partners. Winners were chosen from hundreds of companies.

Quality Assurance Award

The Quality Assurance Award is presented by Wendy’s Quality Assurance Department to honor a supplier that has demonstrated exceptional commitment to maintaining the highest standards of food quality and product safety. 

Olymel small.jpg


Olymel is Canada’s leader in the production, processing and distribution of poultry and pork. They are also Wendy’s leading supplier of chicken and pork to Canada. Olymel’s dedication to consistency, quality, and continuous improvement has led them to win the Chicken Supplier of the Year award in North America two years in a row. Olymel has been a leader in implementing processing plant improvements to aid in animal welfare, including the installation of Controlled Atmosphere Stunning in their poultry facilities. Olymel’s exceptionally high-quality standards make them a clear choice to receive the Quality Assurance Award. 

Squarely Sustainable Award

The new Squarely Sustainable Award celebrates suppliers who exemplify a commitment to sustainability, responsible sourcing, the environment and the four pillars of Wendy’s Squarely  Sustainable™ approach to doing business: Use Less, Use Better, Spark Action and Engage Partners.

Cargill small.jpg


Out of more than 140 entries, Cargill was selected as the winner of the first Squarely Sustainable Award. Their proactive sustainability strategy is centered around five pillars: land use, climate change, water resources, farmer livelihoods and food waste. Last year, more than 200,000 farmers received training from Cargill to ensure adoption of Good Agricultural Practices 
(GAP), while working with farming communities to define the resources they need to succeed. Cargill has also improved their freshwater efficiency in their facilities around the world by 12 percent between 2005 and 2015 and are working to improve by another 5 percent by 2020. As one of Wendy’s major beef suppliers, Cargill is a founding member of the Global Roundtable 
for Sustainable Beef and is helping lead regional efforts with both the Canadian and U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable beef. 

Wasserstrom receives special award
Wasserstrom small.jpg

Wasserstrom began their Wendy’s partnership with a handshake deal with Wendy’s founder, Dave Thomas, before he even opened his first restaurant. For the past 50 years, they have supplied quality restaurant equipment, supplies and furniture. This special award recognizes Wasserstrom’s contributions as a valued partner and a member of the extended Wendy’s family since day one. 

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