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Assured Supply of Quality Food, Equipment and Services

QSCC Tomatoes
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Distribution & Logistics

About Us

QSCC is an independent, not-for-profit cooperative that is second-largest in the quick-service restaurant industry with nearly $4 billion in buying power. We also are part of the Wendy’s® extended family and we are dedicated to supporting our members and the Wendy’s system.


Our Team

We pride ourselves on our family environment where individuals know each other personally. This familiarity results in an understanding of each associate’s unique strengths and abilities, how they can contribute to the company as a whole, and how the company can foster their personal and professional development.

Supply Chain


QSCC believes in competition and is open to new suppliers that can add to the competitive advantage of our supply chain. We typically negotiate multi-year agreements with our suppliers and introduce new suppliers to the supply chain at the time of contract renewal. 

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